Artisan Gateway is Asia’s leading film and cinema industry consulting firm. Founded
in 2003, the company now manages client and partner work in ten countries
worldwide from our offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Jakarta.
Artisan Gateway’s strength is bringing international resources and relationships to
the clients we serve. We offer long standing U.S. and Asian film industry networks,
and leverage our successful history of broadly defined project work.
Current Artisan Gateway priorities include investments & business partnering;
international business development; AG Market Reports expansion; and continuing
project-based client services; and real estate entertainment design.
Artisan Gateway’s Founder & President, Rance Pow, oversees all
aspects of the company’s corporate development, client
management and product & services delivery. Rance is an 18-year
veteran of the U.S. and Asian film & cinema industries.
Prior to founding Artisan Gateway, Rance was Vice President Asia for AMC
Entertainment (1995), one of the world’s largest cinema operators; and Vice
President at CBRE (1984), the largest global commercial real estate services
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